I'm Scott Smith.I'm a full stack developer with an emphasis on the front end. Having a direct influence on the user experience and building the interfaces that connect people to services are what drive me to keep learning, experimenting, and growing. Over 15 years in the development world and there's always more to learn.

These days, I've focused my skills on React (a JavaScript library), Next.js (a React-based framework), and Styled Components (a tool for styling components in a clean and reusable way). I've recently been learning more about Tailwind CSS, a CSS framework. This small group of tools gives you endless possibilities for building intuitive user experiences. Combine this with the growing serverless/cloud-computing platforms like AWS or Firebase and you've got everything you need to build a scalable application that's built for a real-world environment right out of the gate.

In the past, I've worked heavily with Ember, Sass, and Handlebars, a trio that packs a powerful punch when it comes to building a solid web application front end.