All projects built, deployed, and hosted on Vercel.


This is a project I decided to do to scratch a personal itch. I wanted an easy way to search through Craigslist and add items to different lists, sort of like a shopping list. I tend to compare ads when looking for certain things and this makes it easier to keep track of the different ones I'm interested in. I used React, Styled Components, and Firebase for this one. This has been a fun project to work on!

The Weather

Using ReactCSS modules, and the OpenWeatherMap API, I made a basic weather app. This was fun because I've always wanted to make a custom weather app. I have plans to adapt this to my flying and hiking needs, to show the specific information I'm always looking for without having to weed through all the excess.

Using the Gatsby default starter, I built my portfolio/personal website using Styled Components, something I am THOROUGHLY enjoying using. Jamstack is great!